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External Databases

Wherever your data lives, Quabbly got you!. Easily and securely sync data from external databases to enrich your application. Auto-generate CRUD screens, paginate your data, sort and filter however you want. We support PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL and more.

Internal No-code Database

When you don't have a dataset, Quabbly's in-built database is the perfect solution for building internal tools. It's easy to use, scalable, and comes with a tonne of features out of the box;

  • 30+ field types including texts, dropdowns, file, powerful formulas and auto generated columns such as created by, created at, updated at, auto ID and more.
  • Paginate your data, model relationships, sort, filter and export without needing technical expertise.


Customize and visualize your data with various views to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions; Charts, Tables, Gallery, Kanban, Maps and Calendar views

Forms & Excel Import

Effortlessly collect data through beautifully designed forms, see form results in Quabbly or store in external databases including PostgreSQL, MYSQL, MSSQL and more. Also Import data from Excel spreadsheets, streamlining your data input process.


Create multi-step automations that automate several tasks at
once using triggers & actions without coding

Quabbly Utilities

Leverage Quabbly's built-in utilities to automate routine tasks and enhance productivity:

  • Incoming Webhooks Trigger
  • Trigger workflow on button click
  • Trigger on form submission
  • Schedule Trigger (Cron)
  • Trigger on created/updated records
  • Send Email
  • Create/Update Record
  • Send data to a url
  • Generate Doc/PDF from template
  • Send Email via SMTP

App Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with other business applications to trigger and perform actions from Quabbly. No switching between apps and manual copy-paste of data. No more boring mundane tasks. We support 35+ apps including Slack, Stripe, SendGrid, OneSignal and more.


Create multi-step automations that automate several tasks at
once using triggers & actions without coding

Default Roles

Get started with predefined roles for quick access management

Granular Role-based Access Control (RBAC)

Fine-tune access permissions by configuring who can access specific apps and what actions they can perform within them, giving you ultimate control over user access and security.