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Quabbly's workflow automations

What is Quabbly?

Quabbly is a platform that allows you to automate your tasks and processes. Quabbly brings together different business apps and allows them to speak to each other, no coding required.

Think of it this way; as a business you probably make use of dozens of applications ranging from collaboration tools, marketing tools, email tools and many others. It can be tasking interacting with all these different applications but what if they could integrate with one another, streamline your processes, automate your tasks, save you time and increase your productivity while at it? 

That would be great, right? Well that is exactly what Quabbly does.

Take a look at this example:

Dara is the proud owner of a marketing consulting firm and the bulk of her tasks have to do with sending out payment invoices and scheduling sessions for her clients. For these two tasks, she moves between Paystack for invoices and Google Calendar for creating events. Clients have to fill out a form, she sends them an invoice and when they make payment she adds the event to her calendar. 

However, with Quabbly, Dara can link all these applications together. She could use Quabbly to create a workflow that automatically takes the emails in the form’s responses, sends them an invoice from her Paystack account and then creates an event in her Google Calendar when the invoice has been paid. She can do all of this without writing code and all from her Quabbly dashboard, no need for interacting between multiple apps.

To go a little deeper let’s look at the basics of Quabbly and how it works.

How it works

  • Triggers and Actions

To understand how Quabbly works, let’s start with the concept of triggers and actions. Triggers are conditions that activate a workflow and actions are the tasks that happen once the trigger sets off. A workflow starts with one trigger and can have as many actions following it.

Take this  workflow for example: When a customer fills out a form in Typeform, an invoice from Paystack should be sent to their email address. Here the trigger setting off the workflow is the customer’s response in the form and the action that happens is that an invoice is sent to them. 

  • Preparing a workflow

Now that you know a bit about triggers and actions, let’s talk about recipes. Recipes are what we call automation workflows at Quabbly. They are made up of triggers and actions. To get started on a workflow, break down the task you are trying to automate. Let’s use Dara’s workflow above as a case in point.

What apps do you need for this task? – Typeform, Paystack, Google Calendar

What would be the starting point of the recipe? That is, the trigger – When there’s a new submission on the form

What would be the action or actions that follow? – An invoice sent to the client from Paystack and then a new event created in Google Calendar

Finally, what details would link these apps together? – The client’s email from the form which would be used for sending the invoice and for creating the calendar event and inviting them to it.

When you have all this figured out, log in to Quabbly, set up your trigger and actions and then activate your workflow.

Why should you use Quabbly?

  • Automate all your tasks at once

Create as many workflows as you’ll like and automate your business processes. You can also get more done by setting up workflows that have multiple actions. An example of a multi-step workflow could be sending an email notification and then an SMS notification after a payment was triggered.

  • Save time with thousands of ready made recipes

Quabbly already has thousands of workflow recipes pre-made and ready for you to try out. All you have to do is choose your preferred recipe, follow the simple steps to set it up and activate.

  • Link your favorite apps and create custom workflows

Can’t find what you’re looking for in our pre-made templates? Quabbly allow you to integrate with your favorite apps and create new custom workflows that you need.

  • Dozens of apps integrated and counting

There are dozens of business apps currently available for you to choose from and we are adding support for more of them everyday.

No-code required

Finally, one of the best things about using Quabbly is that you can create workflows, automate tasks, integrate and link multiple apps without having to write a single line of code and you can do all of that in minutes.

Ready to start your journey to automation? Visit to get started.

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