Quabbly | The AI Powered Admin Panel for your data

The smartest way to automate your work.

Easily automate high volume and mundane tasks by collecting data and automate actions based on that data.

Quabbly helps you move data between applications automatically so you can focus on meaningful work.

I want to
Upload a spreadsheet and perform action on each row
Generate Word/PDF document from a template
Send the generated Word/PDF document as attachment with Gmail

How it works

Quabbly makes it easy for anyone to create new workflows.

Setup a Trigger Event

Your trigger is what kicks off the automated process.

Setup Actions

Set up automated action(s) that will run automatically whenever your trigger event occurs.

Save and Run Workflow

Save and run your workflow, relax and watch Quabbly do the work for you.

Dozens of apps integrated and counting

Explore the list of apps supported by Quabbly and begin automating your workflow in minutes.

Improve your productivity automatically. Use Quabbly to get your apps working together

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